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Linearstealth Computer Systems LLC., The Answer to Small Business Security  
Linearstealth Computer Systems LLC. Is committed to providing Enterprise Level
Security, Data Protection, and Business Continuity to the Small Business Sector. We provide 24/7 365 Monitoring, System Maintenance to All our Clients, regardless of your locale. · For the both the Business or Home user, we provide the following Services: · Computer repair, Hardware Installation Desktop Repair and Upgrades, Workstation Setup · Trouble shoot and repair Laptops, Replace Motherboards, LCD Screens, Drives, Keyboards, Touch pads, Back Lights, Inverters, and LCD Cables, on any Laptop · Expert Advice, IT support · Trojan and Virus Removal, Repair damage caused by viruses, Trojans, spyware, root-kits · Computer optimization, install the latest Patches, firewalls, antivirus software, and spy-ware detectors to protect your systems from hackers, malicious web sites, and overly aggressive software · System upgrades. Upgrade your computer with more hard drive space, additional RAM, a CD/DVD, Blu-ray drive or burner, new motherboard, or CPU · Data Backup Services and Automatic Backup Setup · Securely erase all your data from an old hard drive before sale or disposal · Setup, configure, and secure wireless network connections
Connect a wireless router and enable encryption for extra security · Test your internet connection for performance · Troubleshooting and computer network repair and vulnerability testing · Plan and run cables for wired networks · Connect printers, computers, laptops, and other devices to function in wired or wireless networks · Create home networks of computers for data sharing Call us 415-574-7331
Linearstealth Computer System LLC. Online Backup Services  

At Linearstealth Computer Systems LLC., We recognize how important Your Business and Client Data are to You and Your Clients, which is Why We offer State of the Art Online Backup Storage Solutions to You. Ask us for a Demo of How it works! We'll show you the ROI and Benefits of Secure backup Technology.
For The Home User, We know how important your Personal Data such as, Photos, Letters, Music and Email are to you. That’s why we have solutions especially designed to fit your needs.Call us at 415-574-7331  for the Right Product and Solution.  
What We Do

    We specialize in support in the following areas: DSL/Cable/ Internet installation and troubleshooting Computer Repair Emergency Data Recovery/Password Recovery New computer configuration/Old Computer Migration Removal of Virus / Popup Windows/ Trojans/ Worms/ Rootkits/ Malware/ Adware Network Security/ Vulnerability Assessments Intrusion Detection PC / Network Troubleshooting Office / Home / Local Network Design and Setup Computer Tune-ups/ Maintenance Repair Windows BSOD (Blue screen of death) Computer Upgrade Custom Computer Builds and Design Call Us at 415-574-7331  

  · Remote Support Online -$99.00/ per hr
· Onsite Business Service -$250/hr 2hr min. · Residential Onsite Support-$99/ per hr · Drop-off Support- $79.00/ flat fee excluding parts for break fix · DSL/Cable/ Internet installation and troubleshooting - $99.00/ 2hr min · Removal of Viruses / Popup Windows/ Trojans/ Worms/ Root kits/ Malware/ Adware -$199 Flat Rate. Includes a complete cleanup and Optimization of your system · System Recovery with a Data Transfer/Migration - $250/hr/2hr min · Emergency Data Recovery - $399/hr/2hr min · Password Recovery - $99.00/ flat fee · Drive Imaging –$399 Flat Rate · System Recovery - $199 Flat Rate · Complete installation or re-installation of operating system (Mac, PC or Linux). $299. Flat Rate does not include Software · System Tune-up - $150 Flat Rate · Break-fix (simple) - $99 Flat Rate Call us at 415-574-7331  
Remote Support                

For Remote Support: We provide 24/7 365 Remote Support for your Home or Business. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or your geographical location. As long as you have Internet access via dial-up or DSL, we can assist you with your Computer issue. When you are ready, call us at 415-574-7331 and we will assist you in the installation of the application.
For Teamviewer Users: Download the Teamviewer Quick Support Instant Support Module below. Once the file has been downloaded to your computer, Press Run(if shown) or Save and then Run the program. When the program displays a user Id and password, Call us at 415-574-7331 and give us the information and we can then proceed to diagnose your problem.

Download TeamViewer